Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pearly White Problems

I remember a time when I didn't have braces and life was a lot simpler. And there was a lot less pain around the mouth reigon.

I think I may have mentioned before that I had rubber bands pulling two teeth together where I'd gotten one pulled. Well, those rubber bands were pretty easy to deal with. But, the gap soon closed up and when I went into the orthodontist's office yesterday, he said I was free from those rubber bands. But, before I could start my victory dance, he dropped a bomb; he repositioned the rubber bands so that it would help starighten my teeth. By hooking them from the bottom to top.

If you know me (and even if you don't, you've probably noticed this) you know I like to talk. Having some heavy duty rubber bands hooking your jaws together makes that pretty hard. I spent all of yesterday trying not to make everything I said sound like 'mirfjreihekfgjirefomdc'. It's a harder task than it sounds.

In other news, the older boys started school last week and Caleb started this Monday, leaving Aaron and I as the only ones left home. For some odd reason our schools are on different schedules. It's a little crazy, and I miss them a lot! It's so quiet! Quiet is scary in this house!!!

I've been catching up on my reading with them gone, and have decided to read the Harry Potter series for the third (I think) time. Have you ever noticed when you read a book at different stages of life you see things so much differently? I know my life is barely just started, but I interpret things so much differently than I did when I read the series the first time.

And the quote of the day:
"We are only as strong as we are united as weak as we are divided." - J.K. Rowling (Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

Until next time :)


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  3. Braces aren't fun are they? I have had mine on for two years and they were supposed to be taken off yesterday. Sadly, a gap on the top of my mouth hadn't closed yet so now I have braces on the top and not on the bottom :(
    I love the Harry Potter series! I was thinking about reading them for the 6th time around yesterday :)