Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mini Moneybags

First off, I AM SO SORRY!  Spring break was crazy, and then I had testing the week after! But, it's no excuse, I am so very, very sorry that I have not blogged in forever!

Beyond my very horrible acts of blog abandonment, I have not been very exciting. Yesterday, we went shopping for school clothes for next year (I'm going to public school). It's going to be very strange to go to public school after so many years of private Christian schools and homeschooling. I'm very excited, though, and I feel that this is the best way to share my wonderful Savior with the world.

Yesterday, I got tighter rubber bands for my braces. Gosh, does this hurt! But, this will get it done quicker, and the sooner I get all this metal out of my mouth, the happier I'll be.

I had a trampoline at the old house that we weren't using. And, we didn't have much room for it in our new house, so we sold it. Because it was my trampoline, Dad gave me the money for it. I sit beside the baby in the van. Mom passed me back the money and Aaron begins to yell something. I thought he was saying "Rugby, rugby!" I'm sitting there staring at him like 'What the heck?' And Mom says, "No, I think he's saying 'Rub me! Rub me!'" So, I rub him on the head and he shoves my hand off, and points vehemently at Mom who's still handling cash. Ohhh, I think! He's saying "Money! Money! Money!" Silly mini Mr. Krabs!

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