Saturday, April 14, 2012

Movie Madness and a Smokey Situation

Sorry, I didn't get to write yesterday. It was pretty crazy. I met up with my grandmother, whom I call Nanny. We decided to have a Nanny/Livi day, and go see a movie. We went to Mirror Mirror, because I believe anything with Julia Roberts is great. Well, we got maybe forty-five minutes in, and the screen turned white then black. Absolutely no audio or visual. A woman walked in, declaring that they were trying to fix it, but they didn't know how long it would take. People were staring at me, I was laughing so hard. I couldn't help it! The funniest things to happen are: a) unexpected, b) mistakes, c) miscommunications. This was both a and b! It didn't make me any less hysterical when it came back on for five minutes....and then turned back off. The audio came back on a few times. It would turn on then, tuuuuurrrnnn offf-. It was very funny!

I was sitting in the living room, which is connected to the kitchen. Aaron, also known as the baby, ran by. He looked a little bigger then he usually did, so I did a double take. He was carrying a large graham cracker container filled with cheese puffs. I giggled a bit to myself and looked back at what I was doing.  I heard dad's voice, "What are you doing with those? Put them back." Aaron ran back by again, waddling on his chubby, little legs.

We were sitting at the dinner table after a long day of swimsuit shopping, broken movies, and crazy children (It's not like we have many crazy kids...just four...okay, okay five). Stephen pipes up, "I think the grill is on fire." The kids all started screaming. Our parents headed out and dumped not only one bucket of water on there, but two! It was a pretty big fire.

So, then we ate dinner. So happens my life.

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