Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chicken Collision

First off, to the crazy, pitchfork-carrying mob that has been storming my front yard (also known as my Uncle
Lee): I am very sorry I haven't updated in forever. The boys and I both have been on spring break and you know how crazy that gets. To make up for my bad blogger syndrome, I am going to post every other day, if I can.

The other day, Dad taught Caleb the 'Running Through the Forest' thing. It was very funny to see his reaction. He just sat there stunned, eyes as big as saucers. As one of the boys, I think it was Stephen, was hiding Easter eggs, he comes up to his hands outstretched and begins to do it. His little voice then changes it a bit. "Running through an egg, running through an egg, running through an egg, BAM you hit a chicken!"

Also, Aaron apparently wants you to know:
mgggg    gmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmglbnlblnlb  nygui

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