Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School Tales

SO....hi. Sorry about last week. To be quite honest, I was beside myself with worry about school. That's right: S C H O O L. It was this big scary thing full of possibilities of failure and humiliation and getting lost (if you know me, you know I can get lost in a four wall room by myself, much less with hundreds of other 13-year-olds). BUT! And, that's one big but. It also had this opportunity to be this most amazing thing, in which I could reach the entire school for Christ and change the world and go down in history as that awesome girl from a semi-small town in North Carolina. Both were really big exaggerations.

It has been a good GREAT first week of school. I've made lots of new friends, learned how to work a lock, actually REMEMBERED my lock combination (!!!), memorized my schedule, and not once gotten lost. So it's been wonderful. But, the entire reason I went to school was not to make friends or have a locker. It was to reach people for God. And I haven't done that yet. But, I hope and pray to.

This week has been productive and exhausting. I have

  • remembered my lock combination.
  • memorized my schedule.
  • taken a math test.
  • made friends.
  • been flirted with by a sixth grader.
  • thought my Car Pool Buddy was dead.
  •  been called to the office.
  • been looked at funny when I almost had a heart attack because I was called to the office.
  • sighed a sigh with stronger wind speed than Isaac when it was only to pick something up.
  • been fist bumped by some dude I don't know.
So, I've been busy. What have you guys been up to?

I don't have any plans for Labor Day weekend, except dog sitting for Car Pool Buddy. What are y'all doing?

So, that's my blog post. Love you all. :-D

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