Saturday, February 25, 2012

Itty-bitty Intro

Hello! This is a little blog about me and my family. We're blended, you know, yours, mine, and ours. My dad was married to Mom #1 and had me. Mom #2 was married to the boys' dad, Scott, and had my brothers, Stephen, Daniel, Caleb, and Aaron. Both Scott and Mom #1 passed away from colon cancer. About 6 months after Mom #1 passed, Mom #2 and the boys were introduced to our family. Both my father, and I, fell in love with Mom #2 and the boys. They increased our party of 2, to a party of 7! I was a little shell-shocked, considering they were all under the age of 9 when I met them. But, they, and Mom #2, have become a part of our family, as much as Mom #1 was. Our families got married about 3 months after we met, as we felt was God's leading. I hope you enjoy hearing about 4 stinky, sweaty, muddy guys and one, very girly, lady.

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